Sunday, 25 December 2011

Shahrukh Khan to Dawn: I will come to Pakistan

It may be recalled that SRK got into hot water with a right wing political party not so long ago because he’d suggested that Pakistani cricketers be allowed to play in the IPL. Thanks to King Khan’s sentiments, the party also disrupted the release of My Name Is Khan. Now the Badshah of Bollywood has given an interview to Pakistan’s premier newspaper Dawn where he’s said that he will visit our neighbour. He’s also advocated Pakistani artistes working in Bollywood
A true flag flier of Aman Ki Asha is our Khan. Here’s hoping that the right wing politicos don’t blow this up and disrupt the Don 2 release and instead take Khan’s comments in the spirit in which he meant them. Excerpts from the Dawn interview:

Keeping My Name is Khan and the relations between India and Pakistan in mind, do you think films need to absorb the socio-politics around us or influence them? What does good cinema do, in your opinion?

Art is always going to go beyond boundaries. Primarily, all a good film needs to do is entertain. Enjoyable cinema will always transcend boundaries and we are so similar as a people that we laugh at the same things and cry at the same things. But why restrict the Dawn question to India and Pakistan? I’m glad people liked Khan (My Name is Khan) all over the world for a very simple reason. I’m not claiming to know everything but I do know that as a Muslim it’s important for me to tell the world who we really are. It’s important for us to explain Islam to the world and it’s important for the world to know Islam and what it truly stands for. But that’s not the only reason I did the film. It was a good experience.

Indian films are now releasing in Pakistan so at least some boundaries are softening. What do you say about Pakistani artistes working in India?

We speak the same language. This exchange is very important because we have the same background and I hope it continues. Where films are concerned, it’s important to step out and explore new options. I have worked with a lot of singers from Pakistan and I’ve also worked with Akon for RA.One. I feel that new voices bring novelty as well as longevity.

You always had fans in Pakistan but your fanfare reached dizzy heights with MNIK. What are the odds that you’ll come to Pakistan?

One of these days, I will come to Pakistan. I will come to Pakistan when work takes me there.

Work, but not the love of the people?

I find work is an excuse for love. I find love in work.

And, since Cineswami loses no opportunity to coin a cheap pun, here goes:

‘Knock knock’

“Kaun Hai?”

“Dawn, dawn, er, don 2”.

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