Sunday, 25 September 2011

Shah Rukh Khan not hosting Paris Hilton

Heiress and international celebrity Paris Hilton arrives in India Saturday morning and while she is expected to meet Indian celebrities during her visit, Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan has denied the rumours that he is hosting a party for her.

Some days back, some news reports had surfaced that suggested that SRK is set to host a party for Paris Hilton during her visit, but the actor said he is too busy at the moment.

"Some friends were planning to host a party for Paris Hilton. But I'm very busy with 'Ra. One'. So it's a little difficult. So my friends decided that if I can't come, then let it be. So we aren't having it now," Shah Rukh told reporters here at the sidelines of an event organised to announce the collaboration of his film "Ra.One" with Western Union Money Transfers.

Paris will unveil her fall-winter designs during her three-day trip here.
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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

‘I was eight when I fell in love with Shah Rukh’

Sonam is a self-confessed romantic and admits that love is extremely important to her. "It makes the world go round. Today, in a world that's being driven insane by terror attacks, corruption and natural calamities, love should be everywhere," she asserts. The actor says that she's been in love many times, adding that the heart has a huge capacity to love. "Cupid struck when I was eight years old. And my first love was Shah Rukh Khan," she laughs. "My dream date would involve eating and drinking wine in a library. I love libraries."
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Shah Rukh Khan to be at the 2011 Formula1 Airtel Indian Grand Prix

India will host its very first Formula 1 grand prix in two months' time. The inaugural race is expected to attract racing enthusiasts from all over the country. The event is scheduled for 30th October. According to the organizers, Jaypee Sports International, tickets for the grand prix are selling at a brisk pace including the most expensive seats on along the newly constructed race track. The event has also managed to grab the attention of Bollywood stars including Shah Rukh Khan who will be at the Grand Prix. Bollywood's King Khan is leaving no stones unturned for the promotion of his upcoming flick Ra.One and the latest to join in his promotion strategy is Formula One. The corporate boxes at the Airtel Indian Grand Prix are one of the most expensive options. Shah Rukh Khan has booked one of them. The tickets for the corporate boxes range from Rs 35 lakh to Rs 1 Crore. Further, in a bid to promote his upcoming film Ra.One, along with Kareena Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan is trying to bring in Michael Schumacher on his side at the upcoming Grand Prix which is to be held at Noida on 30th October 2011. We are most likely to see the words Ra.One embossed on the side of his racing car.Shah Rukh Khan is likely to pull a deal of tying up with former Formula One World Champion and bring in world renowned car racer Michael Schumacher to promote Ra.One. If deals are successful we are likely to see cars taking part in the premier racing event in the country have the logo Ra.One emblazoned on its sides. This novel idea of bringing Ra.One to the Grand Prix is all Shah Rukh Khan's idea and though talks are still on, it is in all probability that Michael Schumacher will be racing at the Grand Prix with Ra.One prominently displayed
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Leaked RA.One music album upsets SRK

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is upset to know that the entire music album of his upcoming movie RA.One has been leaked online. He has urged the people to respect the hard work of the film's makers and not download the music illegally.

"How sad it is that someone somewhere has no regard for our labour of love. 5 yrs of work and they put it on net so callously. Extremely sad...," Shah Rukh posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.

The audio release of RA.One is slated for Sep 12 and just two days before the release, the entire thing has been leaked online.

Vishal Dadlani of music director duo Vishal-Shkehar, who has also given music to the movie, tweeted: "Show your support for 'RA.One' and SRK. Don't download illegally."

To which the director Anubhav Sinha added, "Appeal. Everyone who has an illegal 'RA.One' track, DELETE IT."

"RA.One", a superhero film, is coming out Oct 26.
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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Salman, Priyanka make Shah Rukh angry

Probably the mere mention of arch rival Salman Khan and the box office collection figures of his recent big hit " Bodyguard", and actress Priyanka Chopra, who he is reportedly having an affair with.

At the music launch of Ra.One in Mumbai, on Monday, when a media-person asked Shah Rukh what calculations he has made for his magnum opus (scheduled to release this Diwali) considering the fact that Salman has been repeatedly competing with his own films and box office collections, Shah Rukh while hiding his emotions replied, "Heart doesn't make calculations. We have made the movie from the heart."

But when he was asked about the absence of Priyanka Chopra at the huge event, a visibly annoyed Shahrukh ordered the journalist to sit down while saying, "There's Sanjay Dutt too in the film and even he hasn't come. I am glad that Sanjay and Priyanka (both the actors have done a cameo in Ra.One) didn't come nahin toh unhe tumhare sawaalon se sharminda hona padta.""

Was SRK over-reacting? Many felt so. This is rather strange because the media savvy star, who was a lesson for many in how to do one's PR, seems to be the victim of his own image.
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My son feels I'm not cool enough: Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan enjoys huge fan following at home and abroad and is seen as a very cool actor, but his 14-year-old son Aryan feels that the superstar is not cool enough.

"My film 'RA.One' talks about the relationship between every father and son. So the film has a bit of my relationship with my son. Like he feels that I'm not cool enough and he feels that I don't have great abs and I'm not a stud enough. The child in this film also feels similar things," SRK told reporters here at an event to launch the music of the film. The 45-year-old also feels that " RA.One" will get sons closer to their fathers. "I think it's a film that will appeal to all sons and fathers and I think it will teach them to love their fathers because I think fathers are very nice. They are good, if not better than mothers," he said. "RA.One", a sci fi film, has been directed by Anubhav Sinha and stars Shah Rukh as a superhero.
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Sunday, 11 September 2011

People call me Gadha: Shah Rukh Khan

Says Shah Rukh Khan as he reacts to former skipper Nasser Hussain's controversial comments on Indian players. 

Shah Rukh Khan was launched as the face of Champions League T20 today at a suburban five star hotel in Mumbai. The actor sported his pony tailed Don 2 look. He even launched the winner's trophy.

The superstar came good two hours late but made up for his delay by answering pretty much everything that bordered on the lines of controversy. From Gautam Gambhir's injury to his take on domestic v/s national cricket...the actor even reacted to Nasser Hussainaddressing few Indian players as donkeys!

"I don't want to be diplomatic but we shouldn't let this statement affect the relations between England and India. We should treat this in a humorous way. The Brits have their own way of reacting to situations. It may not make sense but when Donkeys become Gadha, it sounds different. We have had a disappointing series in England but we should stand by our players. Our players are blamed irresponsible for rendering dismal performances even in our country when I know every player plays to win. No player plays to lose. They have a jazba (spirit) which should not be questioned. I consider even that as offensive as even we do it. The only way we can fight back is by playing better Cricket" said Shah Rukh Khan.

The actor in his signature style added, "People call me gadha! They do. But sher toh sher hi hota hai (People may call me a donkey too but a lion is a lion).


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Lady Gaga may attend RA.One premiere

Actor Shah Rukh Khan, who is working towards convincing the international pop star to do a song for RA.One, has reportedly invited her to the film's premiere.

SRK's production house Red Chillies Entertainment tweeted, "Breaking News: Lady Gaga may attend Ra.One premiere!"

"I have been chatting up with her (Lady Gaga) over a song that I want to do with her and once her manager had said 'Lady Gaga wants to introduce her audience to you and she wants to be introduced to your audience'. So one understands she believes in pure, simple wonderful business," Shah Rukh had said earlier at a book launch.

International pop singer Akon has recorded a song Chammak Challo, which is already a rage ever since it was leaked online. So whether Lady Gaga is recording a song for this film remains a mystery but she might attend Ra.One premiere.

RA.One is SRK's most ambitious venture till date. It will be releasing in 3D version and video game format as well. It's being directed by Anubhav Sinha.

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Friday, 2 September 2011

Shahrukh Khan super-excited as 'Ra.One' site goes online

Shahrukh Khan asks his fans to rush to 'Ra.One' site Download Wallpaper- Like a kid in a candy store, Shahrukh Khan has been brimming with excitement as the website of his much loved dream project Ra.One went online without any glitches on Thursday. Shahrukh Khan has been celebrating Eid with his friends from the industry. The excitement of the festivities did not abate as it was replaced by the joy of seeing the official website of Ra.One online. "And the exciting part is finally...finally the official website is working...yippee!!! (i hope there r no glitches as there always are) check it only official site. n case myopic ones like me didnt read it right," Shahrukh wrote on his Twitter page, though he himself succumbed to the minor glitch of confusing myopic with hypermetropic. However, the Ra.One official site failed to attract many hits and Shahrukh asked his fans on Twitter to "rush to the site". "Please all on my twitter account friends rush to the site like NOW!!! my office people saying i cant attract enuff hits on the site....prove them completely WRONG...go forth and THRONG...overload and bring this site DOWN!!! RAONEMOVIE.COM," Shahrukh wrote. Well, Shahrukh's word was lapped by his fans who logged on to the site, giving it the traffic it needed."thanx everyone for rushing to even i cant log all latest stuff will be posted on the site before anywhere else," SRK wrote.
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