Thursday, 26 January 2012

Five reasons you shouldn't miss Ra.One on TV

Ra One
Shahrukh Khan's magnum science fiction action film premieres on Star Gold on the 21st January at 9 pm and here are five reasons you should watch it with your whole family!

Jaw-dropping visual shots: There are more than 3000 effects shots in Ra.One. The film has been critically lauded by effects supervisors and animators throughout the world for its realistic and yet otherworldly special effects. Shots including a single scene involving flying glass, and G.One's and Ra.One's looks and suits are extraordinary in terms of Bollywood cinema.

Criminally gorgeous: Kareena Kapoor looks awesomely gorgeous throughout the film and her performance in the numbers Chammak Challo and Criminal are a visual treat. If not for anything else, the film is a worth watch for Kareena's adaahs, matkas and jhatkas.

The villain is stronger: Ra.One's born as a request by a kid to a father. The son wants the 'villain to be stronger than the hero', because that's cooler. The film plays on the new generation's love for more edgy cinema against the far cry from those days of superheroes being invincible. 

Shahrukh and Arjun: Shahrukh plays a superhero, who saves the day to tremendous effect in a genre which rarely works for Indian audiences. Arjun's performance as the villain and looks, despite the relatively small screen time he gets as antagonist, are awesome and will be remembered for years to come.

Hollywood, what?: Hollywood was seen to be incomparable and immaculate as compared to Bollywood films for years and years, but the arrival of Ra.One is definitely testament to the skill, detail and extraordinary visuals that can be achieved in a Bollywood film. The film happened after two years of effort by SRK and team, which involved thousands of people. Rarely has Bollywood achieved a near-international standard of visual perfection. 

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I’ll be there for my team: Shah Rukh Khan

After returning from an awards function in Macau, actor Shah Rukh Khan will head straight to the studios to resume shooting for Yash Chopra's directorial comeback. The untitled Diwali release, which sees Chopra behind the camera after a gap of seven years, went on the floors on January 9.

"I've just started working with Katrina (actor Katrina Kaif). She puts in a lot of effort to make her character look and sound believable," says Shah Rukh, minutes after finishing his anchoring gig at Colors' Screen Awards that took place in Mumbai recently. "I'm working with Yashji after a long time and it's been a breeze." 

The upcoming schedule of the film is likely to start in London. Another schedule is due in April, when the love story's second leading lady, Anushka Sharma, will join the cast and crew. 

Meanwhile, back home, an auction for cricket players for the Indian Premier League's fifth edition is likely to be held on February 4. The tournament flags off on April 4 in Chennai. 

Given his tight shooting schedules, will SRK make it to the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) matches this time? "I don't know my exact schedule yet. So, I don't know where I'll be on the day of the auctions," he says, adding, "But regardless of what I'm doing, I will be there for my team with my friends and family, cheering the way I have been for the last four seasons. Our boys have been practicing hard and the team has shaped up well. The credit goes to the coach and the players who've been putting in a lot of time and energy."
Kolkata Knight Riders had lost a couple of players to Kochi Tuskers Kerala, a new team that entered the fourth season of the tournament. Now that it has been dissolved, a couple of KKR's old players will be available at the auctions. "It would be nice to see some of our old faces play for us again," says Shah Rukh, adding, "But even if we don't manage to get any of them back, we're looking fine. Our last season put a smile on our faces. This time, we just intend to make that smile bigger."

SRK, Katrina show off their chemistry
Shah Rukh Khan faces the camera with Katrina Kaif, who happens to be close to his rival, actor Salman Khan, for the first time for Yash Chopra's film. While details, including the film's storyline and music, are being kept under wraps, SRK gave a glimpse of his on-screen chemistry with Katrina at a recent award show. When asked if the duo had become friends, he says, "We haven't become best friends but she's a nice girl to work with. And we never dig into the past (the popular Salman-SRK squabble)." 

Ask Katrina about working with SRK and Salman in the same calendar year, and she says, "I don't take work from one set to the other. Shah Rukh and Salman are my co-stars and I respect them equally and immensely."
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Shah Rukh Khan shows his love for Gauri

SRK has his ways of putting rumours to rest and proving everything's fine between him and Gauri Khan.

For everyone working overtime contemplating problems in Shah Rukh Khan's paradise, King Khan has proved that he is an eternal romantic and loyal lover not just onscreen but also off-screen, in personal life.

Recently rumours were rife that there seem to be some problems between the steady couple Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan because of SRK's over-friendliness with Priyanka Chopra. The sizzling chemistry between the Don costars was said to have transpired beyond the silver screen. Shah Rukh never reacted to these reports but had his own way of putting the rumours to rest.

Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan had recently been to an awards function in foreign lands and their camaraderie at the after party seemed just out of a Bollywood love story. A source present at the party said, "Shah Rukh invited Gauri for a dance and expectedly she graced the dance floor. The couple indulged in a love-soaked ball-dance on some beautiful numbers and their chemistry was for everyone to see".

We must say Shah Rukh Khan clearly knows how to silence his detractors without speaking a word!
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