Thursday, 26 January 2012

Five reasons you shouldn't miss Ra.One on TV

Ra One
Shahrukh Khan's magnum science fiction action film premieres on Star Gold on the 21st January at 9 pm and here are five reasons you should watch it with your whole family!

Jaw-dropping visual shots: There are more than 3000 effects shots in Ra.One. The film has been critically lauded by effects supervisors and animators throughout the world for its realistic and yet otherworldly special effects. Shots including a single scene involving flying glass, and G.One's and Ra.One's looks and suits are extraordinary in terms of Bollywood cinema.

Criminally gorgeous: Kareena Kapoor looks awesomely gorgeous throughout the film and her performance in the numbers Chammak Challo and Criminal are a visual treat. If not for anything else, the film is a worth watch for Kareena's adaahs, matkas and jhatkas.

The villain is stronger: Ra.One's born as a request by a kid to a father. The son wants the 'villain to be stronger than the hero', because that's cooler. The film plays on the new generation's love for more edgy cinema against the far cry from those days of superheroes being invincible. 

Shahrukh and Arjun: Shahrukh plays a superhero, who saves the day to tremendous effect in a genre which rarely works for Indian audiences. Arjun's performance as the villain and looks, despite the relatively small screen time he gets as antagonist, are awesome and will be remembered for years to come.

Hollywood, what?: Hollywood was seen to be incomparable and immaculate as compared to Bollywood films for years and years, but the arrival of Ra.One is definitely testament to the skill, detail and extraordinary visuals that can be achieved in a Bollywood film. The film happened after two years of effort by SRK and team, which involved thousands of people. Rarely has Bollywood achieved a near-international standard of visual perfection. 


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