Saturday, 6 August 2011

SRK News- What about people's reaction to RA. One

When SRK asked about RA. One and its box office results? he replied "Box office is not in my control. You can make the biggest or worst film without knowing the result.I believe you should only say good things about life in films. And belief isn’t knowledge-based.It’s instinctive; based on reflexes. And you can’t doubt your reflexes.That’s how I have lived my life as an actor and filmmaker. It goes wrong more often than not.But as long as my films break even, or even if they lose some money, it’s fine, because things will be fine. I know for a fact that whatever films I do for my production house will bring in the money, and Mashallah, they do. So, if I have a few rider films (films done for money alone) with me as an actor, then I can bring in money for the kind of films that, on the face of it, may not bring in the moolah. I don’t earn a single penny from my company as a producer. I have built this company to be self-sustained. There might be a year when my big films don’t do well, so I won’t have money to produce smaller films. But if a big one like Om Shanti Om does well, I can produce Billu (2009), which in a way did well for us in terms of money too. As long as I have that freedom, I will continue this way. But if I don’t have it, I’ll stick to safer films. Because I have 600 people working in my firm, we have to pay for those jobs too."

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