Saturday, 22 October 2011

I dance to Chammak Challo: Shah Rukh Khan

The makers of Chammak Challo are pleased with the popularity the music of this film is garnering... 

RA.One music and RA.One songs seem to be the anthem of the day. Actor Shah Rukh Khan's ambitious venture seem to have begun on a high, melodious note. The famous number - Chammak Challo - rendered by Akon is gaining much popularity and has already climbed the top of the charts. 

In fact, Chammak Chalo is increasingly being played at nightclubs, and the foot-tapping beats have become a huge hit with the masses and DJs at large. 

Another song that's being much applauded is 'Dildara'. Sung by Shafqat Amanat Ali, Dildara is a beautiful soft love song that can't be missed. 

The music composers of this album Vishal-Shekhar are more than happy with the response RA.One is getting. "It gave us great opportunities. It was a lot of hard work and we are only glad that it's working!" 

Of the 14 tracks, everyone involved with the film is finding it difficult to pick just one favourite. 

Shah Rukh Khan at the music launch of RA.One profusely thanked his entire team and especially the music directors and technicians to bring to celluloid the first Indian super hero flick in 3D. 

He also thanked his stunt double. "Everyone does the hard work for me. I just get the benefit. They do the stunts and all the difficult tasks. The only thing I do is dance to Chammak Challo," said SRK.

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