Tuesday, 18 October 2011

RA.One gets an addition

Shah Rukh Khan's RA.One has got a shot in the arm by way of a new music video for the song Raftarein. Choreographed by Feroze Khan, the song was shot last week.

SRK plans as a last minute addition to the film on the behest of director Anubhav Sinha. Strangely, Sinha also shot the chartbuster Dus Bahane from his film Dus right at the end just close to the release date.

Talking about the decision to add another song, Anubhav says, "Raftarein was initially just a melody playing in a background sequence. But the response that tune got was so good that I asked Vishal-Shekhar to compose an entire song over it. Raftarein has got unanimously great reviews and the song has amazing energy. I thought why not shoot a music video and put it in the film. I called up Shah Rukh, who was in the middle of his crazy promotions, and asked him to spare a couple of hours. He agreed and we shot the video. Everyone is going to be blown away by it. I did the same thing during Dus Bahane."

There has also been buzz that Shah Rukh is keen on putting out an extended version of RA.One after its release, depending on the response from the audience. SRK was toying with the idea of including extra scenes in the film and releasing a new version soon after release. Reacting to this buzz, Sinha adds, "Yes, this might be a possibility. I need to sit with Shah Rukh and discuss these things. He's been extremely busy promoting the film and we will discuss this possibility when we meet during the various tour stops for the premiere."


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  1. HI guys. I can see that foolish Indian populace which is star driven can do nothing but draw vicarious pleasure out of their screen Heroes, instead of rating a product for it's merits. I am a staunch movie crtic and am yet to watch this one. But from the Promos i gather that the feel of the special effects is very tacky(akin to chinese mobile phones) and to make up for that they have filled it up with cheap humour that indian audience secretly loves. Secretly because you don't use it at home. Well, The film will surely be a hit but that's not because it's a good product but because we have a poor audience.