Saturday, 22 October 2011

SRK's Ra One bike

Shah Rukh Khan is super excited about his movie Ra One. He's got another reason to be excited about and that is the bike designed by Saby Cyril for his film.

SRK gave a sneak peek of the super cool bike on twitter. He wrote, "about to post the bike we used for the film. saby cyril designed it being inspired from some images he got from books." Glad that he could ride a bike after all these years, SRK further wrote, "always wanted to ride never allowed me. just so that she knows...this one i was tied to with wires so perfectly safe...for a romantic hero i felt quite the dude..ha ha." Now he as well as his mom can rest in peace.

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  1. Boringgggggggg movie i have evr seen..Nd its not in 3D...Srk shld Learn wht is 3D..